Posted by: John Adams | June 27, 2007

Holiday at the Sea

bucks.gifYesterday was my first real day on the job at Starbucks, and it was rough! Never in my life have I had to learn to do so many things so quickly in so little time. I called several drink orders wrong at first, and since Portland happens to be the American coffee capital of America (well, second to Seattle anyway), people don’t take that sitting down. Interject yourself between people and their caffeine in this city and you will pay.

Today was a bit better. I got into a sort of groove, didn’t forget anyone’s pastries, and called almost everything right. I’m finding, however, that it takes about an hour after work to get out of the “forced friendliness” mindset. It also takes at least an hour to stop thinking about asinine coffee facts and drink recipes. I had to tell myself to shut up several times on the car ride home. “No one here cares if four pumps of syrup go into a grande latte, John. Chill out. The rest of the days belongs to you, not to Starbucks.”

I got off of work early yesterday and just happened to run into Tom, Luis, Jesse, and Chris Buck, who just happened to be going to the Oregon Coast. After initially wanting not to go (I have history with the Oregon Coast, which includes getting whipped in the face by sand, running in and then quickly out of the freezing surf, getting knocked upside the head by said surf, and finally crawling into a fire pit to try and stay warm while my friends swam), I caved in and we headed to Oswald Beach, an idyllic spot about halfway between Tillamook and Astoria. We parked next to Highway 101 and hiked down to the beach. The day couldn’t have been more perfect. Surfers in body gloves were riding the waves, people on the shore were flying kites, dogs were racing each other down the sand strip, and off in the distance, you could see a naked old man toweling himself off in the distance. (Well, that part wasn’t so perfect.)

At the far end of the beach was a small waterfall that runs off the cliffs into the sea. Tom got the crazy idea of climbing up to the top of it , and so slipping, sliding, and skinning our knees, we followed him up. The view at the top was breathtaking, with redwood trees in the foreground and the Pacific Ocean in the background with the surf rolling in — “poetry in motion,” as Jesse called it.

Although getting down the hill was even more difficult than getting up had been, once we did it, we crawled out along the rocks (stupidly, we did it barefoot, ripping our feet to shreds on the barnacles that accumulate there), happening upon a huge number of starfish who’d been hiding out in the shallow tidal pools that form between the rocks at low tide.

After leaving the beach, we chanced upon a Mini Cooper in the parking lot with a huge Red Bull can on the roof. A couple of friendly salespeople gave us free drinks for being “young, active people.” They tasted like cold cough syrup, but I was pretty thirsty by then so I didn’t complain. Along with Dane Cook’s stand-up comedy, they made the long car ride home more enjoyable.




  1. i love that logo!

  2. Hah. You need to grow some barnacle-proof hawaiian feet. Chee.

  3. What a perfect day! I love your description. I remember seeing that Red Bull Mini Cooper once. I don’t remember who I was with, but we thought it would be extremely entertaining to get a Mini Cooper and put a life size Pastor Frank in it instead of a Red Bull Can. Hahahah! Good times! I love the description!

  4. Hilary…you were with me when we talked about that! Oh yeah John…nice post! haha…tonight was too fun! : )

  5. John, I think it’s time for a new post! Your writings are too good to not be on the web : )

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