Posted by: John Adams | September 3, 2007

Summer’s End

Today is Labor Day and that means that the summer is officially over!

It has been a pretty good summer for me. I got a job as a Starbucks barista, just in time to move into a house with three other guys. The last few weeks have been spent meeting the neighbors, buying furniture (thank God for the brand-new IKEA Portland, which provides furniture on the cheap and flat-packs it so we can fit it up our narrow staircase), and trying our hand (not unsuccessfully) at cooking.

God has been very good to us this summer. Somehow, with all of the expenses I’ve had to make, my cup still runs over. I still have about two hundred dollars to spare in my bank account. Our neighbors have turned to be nice and generous people, giving us a dryer for free. We have had wonderful times of community, sharing our hearts, confessing sins, and keeping each other accountable. Moving in with these guys is turning out to be the best decision that I have ever made.

Of course, that’s not to say that this summer hasn’t had its peaks and troughs. Just recently, I was at a very low ebb in my spiritual walk, feeling depressed and disconnected. I was at PBC, helping my brother move some musical equipment out of the orchestra room. We were walking through the Choir Room, the classroom where I took my Basic Doctrine and other foundational classes my freshman year (seems like a lifetime ago now). Memories came rushing back to me as I remembered the insecurity and spiritual struggle I experienced during those days. As I was thinking back, the voice of God came to me as naturally as I have ever heard it. He said simply, “What I started, I will finish.”

God seems to give me one solid word for every season of my life. When I came to PBC, it was, “Go and get a Biblical foundation that you will build the rest of your life upon.” When I was contemplating leaving after my sophomore year, it was, “Finish what you started.” One word from the Lord can be like a father’s touch on the shoulder when you are six years old and heaving with insecurity. It can carry you through years of silence.

I am not sure where I am going as I enter this new year. I am certain, however, that as surely as the rain returns to water the earth, the Lord’s hand is upon me and will continue to be forever. My heart is filled with gladness; I am as grateful as I have ever been.



  1. I’m glad you had a good summer, your house IS pretty sweet!

  2. I love you John. Continue to be the light that you are in the world around you. Continue to write beautiful words.

    Take care of the boyz

  3. Sometimes the most important thing to do is trust in God’s faithfulness.

    PS New Blog

  4. Yeah John, Honestly, you are such a blessing to this house. don’t worry, I’ll tell this to your face as well when you get home from work 😉
    luv ya bro!

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