Posted by: John Adams | October 19, 2007

iced single grande 13-pump vanilla breve latte

Working at Starbucks has made me realize anew how many broken, angry people there are in the world.

At my store, for instance, we regularly serve a young lady who has an enormous chip on her shoulder. She’s so surly that a few of our baristas will ask someone else to cover the register when she comes in. She always orders the same disgusting drink (an iced single grande 13-pump vanilla breve latte), never tips, never smiles, and never says thank you.

Now, for whatever reason–although she makes most of our staff cringe–she seems to like me. I always treat her well, I remember her drink, and every once in a while, I can make her smile. I don’t know why I seem to have this knack for dealing with difficult people (I consider myself a difficult person–I have trouble being nice to people half the time), but I am thinking that perhaps it is a small grace that God has put into my life. In spite of my many flaws, I seem to have a tremendous amount of patience for people no one else likes.



  1. You are amazing John. You continue to inspire and bless me through your writing. Thank you.

  2. Beautiful.

    I am realizing the same thing working at Walgreens. Often times when I ask people how they are doing they straight up say “Horrible”.

    That is a whole lot of Vanilla syrup….

  3. yeah, that’s probably why you get along with me so well 🙂

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