Posted by: John Adams | June 19, 2008

Roadtrip 2008!

Here’s a rough draft of the trail Gabe, Bernard, and I will be blazing.

A. Portland, OR
We say goodbye to loved ones and bid fond farewell to the City of Roses, Mt. Hood, and Powell’s City of Books. We say good riddance to rain, high taxes, and hipsters.

B. Wendover, UT
Our first stop to rest is in the desert with a pastor who is just back from a visit with my parents in Haiti.

C. The Grand Canyon
A hole in the earth this big merits a spot on the itinerary. Planning to travel through the night so as to spend a full day here.

D. Phoenix, AZ
This city is home to Steve Nash and one of my favorite basketball teams. It is also home to my buddy Mike Doherty, who moved here from D.C. a few years ago, and who will graciously be providing us with our second crash-space.

(Possible stop in New Mexico – tentative)
It’s a long way from Phoenix to Dallas, and Bernard has a friend who just moved here, so we might crash in NM for a night.

E. Dallas, TX
One of my classmates from the PBC class of ’07 (a fantastic group of people, the real end of an era) will be our host for this leg of the journey. To my mind, Dallas is famous for only two things – first, for being the city where Walker, Texas Ranger kept the peace through routinely roundhouse kicking criminals in the face, and second, for being the city where JFK was shot in 1963. Unfortunately, Walker exists only in fiction, so there was no roundhouse kick to stop Lee Harvey Oswald, and hence, the only thing we really have planned to do in this town is to tour the Sixth Floor Museum.

F. New Orleans, LA – tentative
It seems like it would be a shame to drive through the Southeast and miss out on the Big Easy. This is still tentative, however, since we don’t actually know anyone that lives here.

G. Asheville, NC
It will be good to get back to Carolina and breathe some mountain air. Asheville is a hip town with a burgeoning cultural scene, which interests me less than the fact that the erstwhile home of Thomas Wolfe, one of Bernard’s favorite writers, is located here.

H. Fayetteville, NC
My grandparents’ home is the end of the line. No doubt, stories will be exchanged with great vigor, laughter will be heard, and maybe even a few tears shed. Bernard will eventually head back West in my vehicle, which I will gift to him as compensation for his companionship and his tolerance for my endless capacity for boring stories.

I will be blogging journals and pictures as we go. Let me know if there’s anything you think we shouldn’t miss!



  1. You have to eat an alligator in LA. ..and fried pickles.

  2. I’m excited about our roadtrip! I’ll do my share in documenting the trip, too.

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