Posted by: John Adams | August 15, 2008

Commercials You Actually Want to Watch

A new United Airlines ad campaign, unveiled during the Summer Olympics, is featuring some of the most creative, enjoyable, and beautiful advertising I’ve seen in quite some time. “Heart,” the spot seen above, is scored by Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” and almost plays like a short film.

Other spots feature cutting-edge animation techniques, such as animating colored salt (“Butterfly“) or shining a 1,000-watt bulb through a colored plasticine carved to different depths upon a glass plate (“Moondust“).

With all of the creativity on display in these ads, it causes one to wonder why companies don’t do this more often. After all, if more commercials looked this good, I might not reflexively change the channel during those dull, seemingly endless Olympic commercial breaks.



  1. I know what you mean about the commercials. I find myself totally captivated by them, wishing that I could stop the t.v. and rewind to watch them again. (Some people can actually do that, but I’m not that technologically advanced)

    I’m actually moving back to Portland September first. I’ll have to tell you the whole story sometime. Or maybe I’ll blog about it sometime.

    When are you coming back? You are strongly missed out here…it’s time to come home now.
    No…really…seriously…I’m not joking.

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