Posted by: John Adams | August 21, 2008

Two Perspectives on Obama

As election season heats up, endorsements for both candidates become increasingly important in swaying the minds of undecided voters. The following video is a spot touting presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama as a family man who understands the pressures that American families face. It is notable in that it features emerging church leader Brian McLaren, whose voice is influential among millions of young evangelicals:

Not everyone’s on the bandwagon, though. This video features jarring testimony from a nurse at an Illinois hospital, who testifies to the fact that babies born in botched abortions were taken to the hospital supply room and left to die alone. Obama voted against the law meant to prevent this infanticide three times.



  1. I just got done reading Obama’s first book, I’m now reading audacity of hope. And although I like Obama in certain areas, I could never vote for a man who is against life. Never.
    I’m glad you’re politically minded.

  2. Obama is an intriguing man and, in so many ways, I’d like to vote for him. However, we are (hopefully) voting for ideas, not just an image. How is that we, as Christians, are so often willing to cast aside the very basics of what we say we stand for? I’m not extremely enthusiastic about his competition, either. Lord, help us.

  3. I hear you, Mike. If we could just combine Obama’s approach to foreign policy and social compassion with McCain’s pro-life ethic, we might have something like a viable candidate. I don’t understand why we have to be so fractured as a nation.

  4. Very eye-opening, John. Thanks.

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