Posted by: John Adams | September 22, 2008

Poetry Circle

Some friends and I played a poetry game tonight. One person flips a book open and selects a word at random. Everyone in the group then has one minute to write a poem with that word in it. It produced some pretty interesting results. Here are some of mine.


A small clump of earth
A solitary lump of soil
The size of a man’s fist
Is all that I have to remember you by


My body is a leaf rustling,
Trembling in the wind
Eight meters high
On the diving board
High overlooking the lake


I hallucinated my way through the 60’s
Cleaning up my act after Woodstock
Working through the 70’s
Succeeding in the 80’s
Retiring in the 90’s
Which brings me up to now


I am running down an alley way
The monastery bells clanging behind me
As I make my way out of Seville
With miles left to go.


I gaze out at the Atlantic
Silent bearer of many tales
Playground of hurricanes in August
The path  that seafaring Columbus rode
On his way to the bloodshed of the New World.



  1. I liked “Body”. It’s the only one I could associate with. Hey, for the next game, try riddles. Say everything but the words from the book, and see if anyone can guess the poem’s title?

    Have you listened to Mark Driscoll’s “Ask Anything Live” before? It’s were his congregation texts him questions via cell phone and he gives an answer straight from the gut.

  2. I have heard Mark do that before. Always entertaining, that guy is. 🙂

    How ya doin, Matt?

  3. These were written in a minute? That’s incredible.

  4. I am actually surprised by joy in the C. S. Lewis kind of way. I attribute that to the way I’m approaching prayer a little differently: I decided to confess every minute little concern and care to God and tell him I’d trust in him for these [apparently] little concerns. I feel like a nine-year old in a nickel arcade!

    Now, I want Jesus to teach me how to pray for others.

    Also, I’m approaching Bible reading a little differently. I just started Mark again and instead of reading it straight through, I’m stopping an thinking aloud, “What Would Jesus Think” in each of the particular gospel situations. I want to put on the mind of Christ, so I’m hoping this will help.

    Thanks for keeping us posted. I get a lot of joy reading your blogs.

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