Posted by: John Adams | October 1, 2008

A Quick Update

Life is good.

It’s a little chilly, but we get a lot of sun. It hits the mountains at all sorts of beautiful angles.  I watched them from a meadow and prayed for half an hour the day before yesterday. I’m reading “Life on the Mississippi” by Mark Twain for fun.

Currently, I’m rooming with three other guys. Tim is a redhead from Australia who plays guitar extremely well and wants to be a professional musician. He writes a song a day and keeps everyone entertained with his impressions of the British version of The Office. James was a missionary kid in Zaire for several years before moving back to the States. Currently, he hails from Minnesota. He is really tall, handsome, and crazy about chocolate (he keeps a bar of it stashed under his bed). Matthew is from England – he has been a Christian for just over a year, has a really cool accent, and consistently loses to me in ping-pong.

Tim and I will be traveling around Europe beginning in mid-October. We will train down to Italy before flying to Portugal and then England. After he flies back to Australia, I may continue on to France and then the Netherlands. I broke down and bought an overpriced Eurail pass so I can get around.

Life is good. Not much to write about, and since I don’t have a converter, I can’t charge my camera. Hence, no pictures. At least for now, you’ll just have to imagine what the view from Huemoz looks like.

Till we meet again,



  1. I’m glad you’re getting some sun. (“I’m just sitting here … on this rock … enoying the ‘Son-shine!'”)

    Portland moods have changed as gray as the weather. It’s definitely the season for introspection (though, for some it’s darker inside their souls than it is in the clouds). We’re already getting reports of Californians who can’t drive through rain and are running into other cars. More people are honking as of late. I’m almost glad I’m still a pedestrian.

    Multnomah’s keeping me busy but I’m sure enjoying it. I love the disciplined approach to Bible study that I never got anywhere else. It’s keeping me from making too many subjective associations and assumptions. When it comes to theology, I like to know that I’m not being original or creative, but that I’m conforming to what actually exists in reality.

    Intracontinental travels, eh? Keep us updated when you get into France. Say “hi” to Joshua for me when you get into the Netherlands.

  2. Hey bro, we had a lunch with your family three days ago, it was great to see Pritchard, Dana, Deb and Gabe. We stuffed ourselves with homemade macaroni and cheese and of course your pops talked animately about politics, Haiti and and everything else. Deb played some songs for us a few days earlier when she came over and we had a freestyle session over her guitar playing.

    Life is good in portland as the weather gets grayer, Justin ‘square’ and I have been recording and working on a mixtape with some other cats. Lu is at Sigor Roi tonight at the arlene schnitzer with Caresse. Josh is taking tests for grad school applications. The blazers season is starting and Fernandez is looked really good at the pre season scrimmage.

    Thanks for the post card bro, we all enjoyed the view and imagined we were there together. Traveling around Europe is going to be amazing because that’s what white people like.j/k I’m jealous, send more post cards. did you get our little letter package?
    peace be with you John

  3. John,
    I missed you like crazy the other day so I watched Serendipity 🙂
    Things are going good here. I definately feel the absence of your presence, I wanted to call you the other day to see if you wanted to come over and jam.
    That is so cool that you get to travel Europe! And wow, God is faithful, in the absence of the red head here, he gives you another red head for a roommate! lol! One who even loves chocolate and plays the guitar!
    You are in my thoughts and prayers,

  4. I miss you John…

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