Posted by: John Adams | December 15, 2008

Bush: “So What If the Guy Threw a Shoe at Me?”

An Iraqi journalist welcomed President Bush to his country with an 0/2 performance in the vaunted “Iraqi shoe toss,” an ancient Middle-Eastern sport where an athlete hurls his footwear in a disgruntled manner toward a visiting head of state. Asked how he felt about choking under pressure, the journalist blamed a lack of sleep as well as “not enough reps” for the poor performance. “If he’d accept a rematch, so would I,” the journalist said on Monday.

For his part, the president didn’t seem enthusiastic, calling the contest “a W for the Dubya,” and avowing his intention to “go out on top.”

“Did the Giants agree to a ‘Super Bowl: The Sequel’ after stomping the Patriots? Negatory. The Celtics are world champs, Al Gore’s never going to get his recount, and this one’s history. Don’t mess with Texas.”

[The preceding has been satire. Please do not throw your shoes at me.]



  1. Ridiculous.

  2. Ha ha! “A W for the Dubya”!

  3. ha!…nice…now watch my boy Bush add that Iraqi journalist to his “Axis of Evil”…now i got that Will Ferrell as George Bush skit in my head now!…’I take frequent cat naps’… 🙂

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