Posted by: John Adams | December 17, 2008

Someone You Might Like: Josh Garrels

I first heard Josh Garrels in the Shelter’s café in Amsterdam. I knew immediately that this was an artist I would listen to for a long time.

His music is difficult to describe – when your Myspace describes your style as “folk/neo-soul/electronica,” you know you’ve managed to avoid settling comfortably into any definable genre – and yet readily accessible. He is also quite deep. A committed Christian, Garrels’ lyrics delve into the pain, struggle, and reward of pursuing the life of faith. (Many of his songs were written while living in a community of people studying for the ministry.)

Since my sister Deb, who is quite hip and knowledgeable about all things musical, put his new album (“Jacaranda”) as her #1 for the year after just a couple weeks of listening, I figured I’d better get this post out of the drafts section and onto the website. He’s currently got a few songs up on his Myspace that you can stream for free. If you like it, please consider picking up my fellow North Carolinian’s CDs and supporting a brother.



  1. Is it just me, or should he not be white that voice?

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