Posted by: John Adams | January 12, 2009

Three New Songs

These songs are about as low-fi as it gets – I just sat down with an acoustic guitar and played into my laptop’s built-in microphone – and I’m a little out of my range in places, but perhaps these songs are worth a listen. I’m not aiming for finished product here, just a rough draft. Keep that in mind.

San Francisco – About a roadtrip my brother, my friend Richard, and I took to San Francisco over Spring Break almost two years ago.

Twelve-Bar Blues – A song about wanting to be closer to God than I currently am. Gabe wrote this riff about a year ago, so it was time we did something with it. (That’s him playing.) Don’t ask me what twelve-bar blues are. I don’t know. It just sounded good.

Omaha – I decided to cover a Counting Crows song just for the heck of it.

Go listen.


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