Posted by: John Adams | January 17, 2009

Blessing the Damnable

In an impassioned post provocatively titled “How Barack Obama Will Make Christ a Minister of Condemnation,” John Piper argues against the president-elect’s selection of Gene Robinson, the first openly homosexual bishop in the Episcopal Church, to deliver the invocation at his inauguration. “This is tragic not mainly because Obama is willing to hold up the legitimacy of homosexual intercourse,” Piper writes, “but because he is willing to get behind the church endorsement of sexual intercourse between men.”

Arguing from 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, which includes homosexuality in a list of sins that, if not repented and forsaken, will lead to exclusion from the Kingdom of God, Piper writes that “to bless people in these sins, instead of offering them forgiveness and deliverance from them, is to minister damnation to them, not salvation.”

Piper’s disagreement with Obama’s choice for invocation is based on the fact that it publicly links Jesus Christ–who promised deliverance and forgiveness to all who would repent of their sins and believe in Him–with the blessing of a lifestyle that leads people to Hell.

“It is as though Obama sought out a church which blessed stealing and adultery, and then chose its most well-known thief and adulterer, and asked him to pray. … The issue here is not that presidents may need to tolerate things they don’t approve of. The issue is this: In linking the Christian ministry to the approval of homosexual activity, Christ is made a minister of condemnation.”



  1. I wholeheartedly agree w/Piper….funny, b/c liberals and Prop 8 advocates are saying similar things about Mr. Obama’s choice to also include Rick Warren in his inaugural festivities!….

  2. So by this logic, is Bush a minister of death and destruction and of families worldwide? Under his Presidency there was death to many and a war started and carried out with many casualties and families torn apart.
    It seems that many Christians have questioned Obama ruthlessly but accepted Bush blindly.
    and what does this say about the integrity of Rick Warren who was included in the festivities? is he, by staying and participating in the festivities saying that the bishop is ok, even though he openly speaks against a stance of pro-homosexuality?

  3. Tom, you didn’t read the post carefully enough. Piper wasn’t saying Obama was a minister of death and destruction. He said Obama was making Christ a minister of condemnation by linking Christ to a false shepherd in the Episcopal church. People would see Wright, assume he speaks for Christ, and go on blindly in their sins as a result of Wright’s influence. And Obama – who himself claims to be a Christian – endorsed him by asking him to pray at his inauguration.

    I don’t think Warren did anything wrong by appearing at the inauguration. He has made his Biblical disagreements with Obama clear. Scripture commands us to pray for our leaders, and that’s all Warren was doing – asking God to give Obama wisdom to lead the nation. He wasn’t endorsing all of Obama’s political views, and he wasn’t pretending Jesus doesn’t require repentance from sin when the Bible clearly says He does.

  4. “Wright” = “Robinson”?

  5. Whoops, yeah, I meant Robinson. I think I crossed him with Jeremiah Wright in my mind.

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