Posted by: John Adams | January 19, 2009

Do the Suns Also Rise?

Steve Nash!

Steve Nash!

For those of you who didn’t know, I’m going to come out and say it: I love the Phoenix Suns.

Just a few years ago, they were the most exciting team in basketball, thrilling crowds with fast breaks orchestrated by point guard Steve Nash, a modest Canadian with an eagle’s eye for an excellent pass. Under coach Mike D’Antoni’s “Seven-Seconds-or-Less” offense, Phoenix quickly earned a reputation as the most exciting team in basketball.

Unfortunately, “exciting” doesn’t always win championships. After losing playoff series several years in a row to the more disciplined San Antonio Spurs, management got restless and anchored the run-and-gun offense with 350-pound center Shaquille O’Neal. And after losing again to the Spurs last year–despite Shaq’s looming presence–they went ahead and dumped D’Antoni, too, replacing him with a more defensive-minded coach.

I still love the Suns, though. Maybe it’s my lifelong preference for David over Goliath. Maybe it’s my nostalgia for the fact that Phoenix was on the cusp of something great until Joe Johnson got injured in ’05. Until Steve Nash got body-checked into the scorers’ table in ’07. Until Tim Duncan decided he was in the business of making three-pointers last year.

Or maybe it’s just that I like seeing the good guys win. Kobe “I scream at my teammates when I’m losing” Bryant’s had his day. LeBron James will probably have his, but right now, he’s reading too much of his own press for me to care. The current reigning champs, the Boston Celtics, are graceless. They talk so much trash on the court that the entire league rejoiced when they started losing to scrub teams over the last couple of weeks. No, it’d be nice to see class acts like Steve Nash and Grant Hill finally win an improbable championship and restore my faith that there is something like justice in sports.

With the Arizona Cardinals working miracles in the desert in the NFL, it gives me a glimmer of hope that perhaps they’re not the only Phoenix team to make an improbable run to the top this year. In any case, if they’re going to do so, they’re eventually going to have to beat some great teams, which is what this whole post is leading up to. The Suns play the Celtics on TNT tonight at 8 p.m. EST. If you happen to tune in, now you know who I’ll be rooting for.



  1. here’s an amazing article written by none other than Bill Simmons, the Sports Guy, about how overrated ur boy Nash is….or should i say, how underrated Mike D’Antoni is….u’ll like it John 🙂

  2. Already read it. Someone should write an article about how overrated ur boy Simmons is.

  3. I agree John ! Bill Simmons is a mediocre columnist who gets hyped for no good reason. Hope all is well in KY. If you are ever driving thru in VA, give me a call.

    Double D aka Daniel

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