Posted by: John Adams | March 13, 2009

I’m 24 Yesterday

I turned 24 years old yesterday. It was the first major event of the year for me since moving to Asbury and my new friends here made sure it was a good one. I discovered yesterday that my roommate Abe has been scouting out my preferences for weeks now, asking questions nonchalantly while he really had another motive in mind.

“Hey, have you ever read that book, ‘The Lazarus Effect,’ by Ben Witherington?”


“Oh, OK. I was just wondering, I’ve heard it was good.”

The other he gave me a candy bar, asking me whether I like chocolate or not.

“Not a big chocolate fan,” I replied.

“Oh, well, you might like this one. It’s mostly vanilla.”

I took it.

Yesterday, I found what all that was for. After the Young Adults Ministry service (I’ve been helping out there on Wednesday nights), my friends surprised me with a (vanilla) birthday cake with a unicorn frosted on top. (My friend Izzie thinks I look and act like Napoleon Dynamite.) They sang me the “Happy Birthday” song and handed me a book-shaped gift. When I opened it, it was…you probably guessed it…”The Lazarus Effect” by Ben Witherington.

“There’s more. Open it,” Izzie implored. I did, and was shocked to find that Izzie had arranged a meeting with Witherington himself. She got him to take a break during his sabbatical to meet her at a coffee shop and autograph my copy of his book.

Needless to say, it was a really good day, even though most of it was spent writing papers and cramming for a huge test I had in NT Intro today. I’ve been getting little confirmations that this was the right place to come, so I’m glad I moved here. Sometimes, all it takes is a book and a birthday cake to let you know you’re home.



  1. What do you think of the book? I’m sure you’ve read the whole thing by now.

  2. Dude that is so sweet. I love Witherington. Im glad things are going well over there.

  3. Haven’t read it yet, Gabe. 🙂 I’ve got quite a bit of homework that slows me down.

  4. in a few years, witherington will be asking YOU to sign YOUR book!…i’m serious too, John…love u bro 🙂

  5. Wow, that’s so awesome! Happy late Birthday… how’s the book?

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