Posted by: John Adams | April 30, 2009

Summer Is Near (And Other News)

After three months at Asbury Seminary, I’m trying to get a gauge on where I am spiritually and emotionally.

First of all, I think I’m doing really well spiritually. I’m closer to God than I’ve felt in a long time. Prayer is a joy, my nose is regularly in the Bible, I feel full of the Holy Spirit, and I am motivated to speak of the Lord often. I love to worship the Lord and I am full of faith in what God will do and is doing in my life and in others’ lives. So I’m doing good.

On the other hand, I don’t see unbelievers often, so I don’t get to share my faith. Also, I don’t have many friends here that I would consider “soul friends” — people I can share my passions and dreams with. My roommate, Abe, has been a good friend, and I get along with just about everyone. Still, I’m hoping to see some friendships deepen into covenant relationships.

I’m getting excited for summer! Another spring is here and is quickly passing by. Blossoms are upon the trees, nectar is in the air, and relationships have begun to form. My friends Abe and Izzie got together and take regular walks down by the railroad tracks. (The way Abe “popped the question” was by saying, “Hey, don’t you think it’s about time we changed our Facebook status?” Sign of the times.) Needless to say, I’m not together with anyone, though I’m not opposed to the idea. I am trying to be patient and focus on becoming the kind of person who would make for a good husband.

I’ve been feeling more of a sense of destiny upon my life lately. I want to do great things for Jesus. After listening to a John Piper sermon on the baptism of the Holy Spirit, I felt impressed to try and remain in the Spirit every day. The image for the Greek word baptizo is that of a ship sinking in the middle of the ocean — there should be no part of us that is not touched by the Spirit, no part of us not shot through with his life, love, peace, and joy. The Gospels tell us that Jesus came to baptize us with His Spirit. I’ve been asking Him to do it anew every morning.

While I am growing in grace, I am trying to entrust my financial fate to the Lord as well. I would like a way to make money over the summer. After chasing a lead with an organization called YouthWorks, I turned it down because it just didn’t feel right. I prefer doing ministry work through the local church rather than through parachurch organizations — I am not completely opposed to parachurch groups, but churches seem to have more staying power and seem to be closer to God’s intended way of working in the world. Also, YouthWorks wanted my whole summer and I didn’t want to give it to them. So I turned them down.

Today, I was very glad I did. A friend of my grandparents called me up and told me she was taking a medical missions team to the Dominican Republic in June, and asked me if I’d be willing to go.

“What would I do?” I asked. “I have no medical training, and I don’t speak any Spanish.”

“We’d want you to come and teach a course to the church we’ll be working with on evangelism & discipleship.”

“Are you sure you want me? I’d have to take a crash course in the theology of both of those just to teach the course.”

“Yeah, we just need someone passionate about the Gospel, someone who’s willing to work hard and who cares about people.”

“Reaching lost people is something I’m passionate about. How much money would I need to raise, though?”

“I’d be willing to cover the entire cost of your trip.”

How do you turn down an offer like that? I guess I’ll be going to the DR in June. It’s kind of ironic in a way — I grew up in Haiti, the other side of the island. There is much mistrust and racism between the two sides and much mistreatment of Haitians who work in the Dominican Republic. Haitians have a long list of grievances against their neighbors that stretch back for decades and I have shared in their pain. Yet the Lord apparently has opened the door for me to serve them. It will no doubt be a paradigm shift to see what the Lord is doing in his church in the DR and to work with them for their joy.

This is the problem with Jesus: you give the guy an inch, and He takes a mile. You bring Him a frayed, tattered mess of a life, and He starts weaving the threads back into a beautiful tapestry. I suppose I am only beginning to glimpse what mine will look like.



  1. Thanks for sharing where you’re at. It’s always a pleasure to read from my friend, John. How much more exciting it is when he actually has something to say. 😉

    I’m delighted to hear that things are well with you and that you have a definite direction for the summer. Keep us informed. We like to hear.

  2. Sounds awesome! have you decided whether or not you are going to continue at Asbury?

    Jenee Fahndrich is leaving for the DR this sunday. I think she will be there when you are… you should connect.

    And as always, miss yah to death John.

  3. Yes, I will continue on at Asbury for at least another semester. I miss you, too, Ian.

  4. Do Jim and Teressa White still do mission work in the DR?

  5. bro it’s refreshing to see such honesty/vulnerability on your blog….and i’m super stoked for you goin to the DR–u’ll be a great asset, as you build up and exercise your gift of teaching…

  6. As far as I know, Gabe, they still do.

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