Posted by: John Adams | May 13, 2009

Thomas Nelson Releases ‘American Patriot’s Bible’

For those who like God and country in equal doses, Thomas Nelson Publishers has released the “American Patriot’s Bible,” “the one Bible,” as the press release breathlessly states it, “that shows how ‘a light from above’ shaped our nation.”

Never has a version of the Bible targeted the spiritual needs of those who love our country more than The American Patriot’s Bible. This extremely unique Bible shows how the history of the United States connects the people and events of the Bible to our lives in a modern world. The story of the United States is wonderfully woven into the teachings of the Bible and includes a beautiful full-color family record section, memorable images from our nation’s history and hundreds of enlightening articles which complement the New King James Version Bible text.

This will no doubt appeal to the many Christians whose understanding of the Kingdom of God and the Christian’s primary loyalty to the Lordship of Jesus Christ is so shallow as to permit unhindered affection for their nation-state. Greg Boyd offers a critical take here, but the question I want to put to you, the reader, if you are a Christian, is this: How, in your mind, do your citizenship in the Kingdom of God and your citizenship in your nation interact? Can you see some conflict between the two? At what point does patriotism turn into idolatry (or is it just idolatry, period)?



  1. IMHO, that is disgusting.

    Separation of Church and State exists so that we don’t have this sickening influx of patriotism and faith. God is not an American.

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  3. GOD is not an American–but His Hand sure is on America…if not recently, then certainly in its past…no denying that…not sure where that line is at between love for your country and love for GOD, but C.S. Lewis and G.K. Chesterton sure straddled it towards their country….

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