Posted by: John Adams | June 12, 2009

Should Christians Support Israel?

Here’s a thought-provoking article from WORLD columnist Andree Seu questioning the Christian’s responsibility toward Israel. Depending on which part of the church you normally hang with, this may or may not be a pressing question to you. Rest assured, however, that this is a very big deal in some parts of evangelical Christianity and that there is a truckload of bad teaching on this issue. Here’s a sample:

We Christians have a responsibility to Israel, but what is it? To be cheerleaders for her current Messiah-rejecting government, or to preach to her the gospel? If you tell me it’s both, then how do you pull that off? How do you bankroll her without giving her (and the world) the impression that you are behind her without qualification? Or without tipping her off that she is completely lost unless she repents?

If you then tell me that evangelicals support Israel because she is, as Pat Robertson said, “an island of democracy . . . in the midst of a sea of dictatorial regimes . . . and a fanatical religion intent on returning to the feudalism of 8th century Arabia,” that’s fine as long as you’re aware that you just switched horses. Democracy is an entirely separate reason for supporting her.

And if it’s a true reason, then presumably you will be prepared to revoke your support if she is ever found to be not so democratic. “The political support for the nation of Israel is a distinct issue,” said Vern Poythress, “and should be qualified by the standard of the justice of God.” That is, you apply the same yardstick to Israel’s behavior as to any other nation’s: Does she honor her treaties? Does she treat her citizens with equity? Is she engaged in genocide? Etcetera.

Read the whole thing.



  1. Very interesting, and a lot to think about.

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