Posted by: John Adams | June 16, 2009

Pop Quiz

To what theologian is attributed this quote about the first chapters in Genesis? If you don’t know, at least try to venture a guess when it was written. (No plugging this into a search engine, either.)

“What intelligent person can believe that there was a first day, then a second and third day, evening, and morning, without the sun, the moon, and the stars; and the first day…even without a sky? Who is foolish enough to believe that, like a human farmer, God planted a garden to the east in Eden and created in it a visible, physical tree of life from which anyone tasting its fruit with bodily teeth would receive life; and that one would have a part in good and evil by eating the fruit picked from the appropriate tree?

When God is depicted walking in the garden in the evening and Adam hiding behind the tree, I think no one will doubt that these details point figuratively to some mysteries by means of a historical narrative which seems to have happened but did not happen in a bodily sense.”

Answers tomorrow!



  1. uuuhhh john locke? Rousseau? Those are the only two philosophers I know… soo.

  2. Neither one of them had very much to do with the Bible…

  3. This seems to date from the later 19th century era, but could be early 20th century. Bullinger?

  4. Well descarte? I’m just going to keep randomly throwing out names. Was it c.s lewis before he was a Christian?

  5. Hahaha… neither of them were theologians, so no.

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