Posted by: John Adams | August 24, 2009

My Hero

After a phone conversation with my brother last night, I was reminded of how much the Lord can do through someone whose life is completely yielded to Him. From the moment he picked up the phone, his voice exuded confidence and peace. You could hear a smile in his voice and his conversation was punctuated frequently by laughter. He was at rest.

It hasn’t always been this way. There was a time in my brother’s life when he was severely depressed. In his teenage years, he contracted a rare form of chronic fatigue that doctors could not cure, and as a result, he was sluggish when most other people his age were bursting with energy. Frequently, he lacked the strength even to do his schoolwork, a fact that discouraged him even further, since he had always been the diligent type that rises early and hits the books even before breakfast. His spirits were very low in those days. It was difficult to know what to say to him.

Last night, I listened in amazement, however, as he spoke excitedly of his classes and assignments, as well as a recent weekend trip to Bethel Church in Redding, Cal., where the Holy Spirit has been moving powerfully and reports of miracles are a regular occurrence. Although he didn’t get the instant miracle he went there hoping to find, there was excitement in his voice as he spoke of his upcoming Prophetic Ministry class, for which the professor has given the audacious assignment of seeking seven prophetic words from the Lord during the course of the semester (five have to be given to unbelievers). The boldness of this assignment really challenged me to seek the prophetic gift more diligently, expecting God to move through me in that way on a regular basis.

Gradually, the conversation shifted to other things. He told me about his STITCHES route (a bus ministry that picks up kids from underprivileged neighborhoods to take them to church) and some of his kids who will have the chance to go to camp this year. Once a shy, reticent kid himself, he tells me how he will make his debut as a cabin leader this year, with his eye on kid in particular. “I didn’t really want to do it,” he tells me. “But there’s this kid named David who’s really on the edge right now — he could either get really touched at camp and end up serving Jesus, or he could fall under the influence of some really bad kids he’s been hanging out with. I didn’t really want to be a cabin leader, but God said, ‘Give it a try, at least for David’s sake. Do it for him.'”

Things like this are what makes my brother a hero in my eyes. He’s setting a magnificent example for me and for anyone making an earnest attempt to follow Jesus — you don’t have to be particularly brave, or wise, or strong, or talented. You just have to love God and love people, and trust Jesus enough to obey Him in the moment from one opportunity to the next.



  1. That’s beautiful John.

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