Posted by: John Adams | August 29, 2009

Looking Back, Looking Forward

This is the 100th post I’ve written for this blog. I think it represents a transition: Either I’m going to start making blogging a regular habit again, or I’m going to shut this thing down once and for all. I’m hoping to start writing more regularly on this site, and I do have some ideas. It remains to be seen, however, how much of a toll a new semester will take on my will or ability to write things that have no deadline and no import beyond the sharing of ideas. (Also, Facebook and Twitter tend to steal my fire for blogging. Why write 5-7 paragraphs every few days for 1-2 comments when you can write a sentence or two every 4 hours and attract 5-10 comments?)

Still, I’ve got some ideas and I have a desire to start writing again, if only as a personal discipline. It may turn out to be one of those things, like jogging or getting out of bed at 7 every morning, that I always resolve to do but never can quite pull off. It’s worth a shot, though. I never regret having old stuff to go back and comb through to see how I was thinking at the time.

I’ve had this idea in the hopper for a while to do a series of posts titled “A Brief History of Myself.” That may sound vain (and it may be), but I really want to do it for two reasons. First, if I write it well enough, it might be interesting to you. Second, I have no idea what would come out of the wash. I’d like to write it just to see where the plot turns would be. It’s good to map the lay of your life sometimes. You might catch a glimpse of some of the pivotal moments in your life, vanishing traces of the Spirit’s fingerprints in key decisions you’ve made.

Another idea I have is to do a podcast. I’m not sure what it would be about, exactly. I’d like to interview ordinary people (ordinary people have the most interesting stories), recommend books, riff on different Scriptural passages, and maybe feature a song of the week. I’m not sure anyone would listen to the podcast if I did one, but it’s another idea I’ve been mulling over.

Well, autumn (and school) are just around the corner. Classes start back on September 8th. I have Ben Witherington for “Theology of the New Testament” – I’m really excited! I’ve found a church that I’m easing my way into and as of today, I am completely moved in to what will be my room for the fall semester. I’ll be rooming with Abe again, which makes me very happy. Also, I have a job interview on Wednesday morning for a writing/editing position here at the seminary. If I get it, I’ll be balancing school, work, and church commitments. I’m hoping not to get overwhelmed.

It’s weird to think that a year ago tomorrow, I was on a plane headed to Switzerland. It feels like a lifetime has elapsed since then. God has definitely been at work during that time, shaping me in a lot of ways I couldn’t have foreseen. (I wonder what life will be like in another year?) I feel as though now, I am beginning to make the transition into manhood. I mean, I have been doing that for a while, but it seems that now more than ever, I am grappling with all sorts of difficult questions: Am I a Calvinist or an Arminian? A complementarian or an egalitarian? A Pentecostal or something else? Adulthood seems to mean taking a stance on so many things, and there is pain in the process–deciding in favor of one view can often mean a parting of ways, in some sense, with some of the people whom you love and respect.

So where to from here? Only time will tell. I’m just hoping not to lose the blog in the mix.



  1. If you interview Ben Witherington, I think you’d get a lot of hits. 🙂 I say, blog, podcast, share ideas, do all of it. But consider linking your posts, etc. from twitter or facebook so that we know when you post. 🙂 Happy 100th post!

  2. well then, i guess it depends on why u blog–for responses, or for catharsis…for responses = go w/twitter (and be a sell-out…j/k…no, but seriously)….for catharsis = keep blogging…just my opinion, cuz i love reading ur blog…i can honestly say that ur the ONLY blog that i read…seriously…i don’t read anybody else’s….love u bro 🙂

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