Posted by: John Adams | November 29, 2009

A Week in the Pacific Northwest

I was in Portland last week, visiting my brother and friends during our Thanksgiving break. I was hanging out with different people every day, so it felt like the week flew by. It was an eventful week. I went to a Blazers game with Ben (a guy I met in Switzerland), taught a Faith & Reason class on postmodernism at my alma mater, and visited my former roommates’ house. Jesse is now engaged and Josh is getting ready to start his student teaching at one of the rougher high schools in the city (an assignment he specifically asked for, so he’s quite excited about it).

While it was good to be back in the Great Northwest, it was kind of a melancholy experience at the same time. I’m a firm believer that there are seasons to one’s life, and I knew inside that my season of living in Oregon is over. While I won’t rule out the possibility of ever moving back again, I doubt that I ever will. It would be nice to put down roots where I have so many friends, but we can’t ask for stability in this life. Jesus calls us outside the camp where there is comfort and safety (Hebrews 13). Our true home is in heaven and there is no stability until the Eschaton.

Nevertheless, the Pacific Northwest still has a special place in my heart. There is a wild look about that part of the country–snowcapped mountains, big rivers, hills thick with fir trees, heavy gray skies, and the wind-blown, ragged look of the Oregon Coast–that I love. It’s so big and vast and crowded with natural wonders that you could never exhaust it, not if you had a million years to spend exploring its waterfalls and canyons and beaches. I am sure that I will be back many times in the future, just probably not to stay.



  1. It was great to catch up and have you around!

    I know God has great things for you – wherever that may be. I pray this season in Kentucky/Asbury is fulfilling and fruitful for you. You are an amazing guy.

  2. It was so good to have you here last week. It was also nice to be with someone who’s in a different season of life. Helps me think more seriously about what’s next. It also causes me to remember that God is always to take center stage, and this should be reflected in what I pursue.

    To my best friend and brother,
    Much love!

  3. was cool gettin to see ya…wish we could of had longer, but it’s all good…love u, John 🙂

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