Posted by: John Adams | March 31, 2010

“Howdy” from Texas!

I’ve been enjoying myself in Conroe, Texas, for the last couple of days after what seemed like an eternity in my friend Bryan’s truck (the journey took about 16 1/2 hrs.). In the three days since we arrived, we have already eaten some excellent Tex-Mex food, fired a 9mm gun (the same kind Jack Bauer uses on 24) at Bryan’s dad’s shooting range (yes, they have a shooting range in their backyard), fired a pellet gun at a Diet Coke can, attended a Houston Rockets basketball game, and taken a boat out on Lake Conroe to go fishing. Needless to say, I’m having a pretty good time.

We plan to head over to San Antonio on Friday to see the Alamo before hitting the road home on Saturday. I’m not looking forward to the long drive back (or the church history midterm that awaits me upon my return), but I’m enjoying my week here in Texas and the small Sabbath from seminary that it entails.



  1. Glad you are having a good time! Can’t wait to see more pics and hear the stories!!

  2. i’m jealous (in a good way)…i’ve driven thru the lone star state but never scoped it out…don’t forget to lasso a bull before u go to get the “full” texas experience, knowwhatimean?…

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